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White Supremacists Take Advantage of Coronavirus!

Carol Angela Davis carolangeladavis@gmail.com

Thu, Mar 19, 1:29 PM (2 days ago)


The far right seems to see coronavirus as a significant opportunity to recruit new members and profiteer off of survival products.  Remember the far right survives and grows based on fear mongering. The far right looks for areas of societal collapse and many believe that mass violence is required in order to bring about the collapse of our pluralistic society. According to the Guardian newspaper, a situation where people are panic-buying is ideal for them.  They use that fear to ensnare people and get their money.  That brings me to our slay word byzantine for characterized by a devious and usually surreptitious manner of operation. We all know about these byzantine groups. But what goes on in the dark…you know the rest.

You all know staunch Trump supporter Alex Jones, very pathetic, he has a website on which he sells bulk supplies and he is hawking his goods like crazy.  Then there’s the neo-Nazi right. They are using the coronavirus to try and force the end of liberal democracy and build a white ethnostate. There are the “ecofascists” – they’re using the coronavirus to recruit people into their terroristic white supremacy.

The Southern Poverty Law Center says white nationalist hate groups in the US have increased 55% throughout the Trump era, and this surging” racist movement is driven by “a deep fear of demographic change”.

Nationally, there were 155 such groups counted last year, and they are in most of the 50 states. We’re talking Ku Klux Klan groups, racist skinheads, Christian Identity groups, and neo-Confederate groups, all of which also express some version of white supremacist beliefs.

According to the Southern Poverty law Center, last year the FBI upgraded its assessment of the threat posed by racially motivated extremists to a ‘national threat priority’”, and the “Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced a strategic shift toward countering racial hatred”.

But senior members of the Donald Trump administration are working against the efforts by the FBI and DHS.  Trump aide Stephen Miller,  who the Southern Poverty law Center says “has long been allied with anti-immigrant hate groups” remains in his senior role. And this is even though he was exposed for trying to insert white nationalist talking points into rightwing news website Breitbart’s coverage of the 2016 election.  Hate is just not a problem in the Trump administration and white supremacy is clearly embraced from the hiring decisions to the policies.

So what should you do? Vote. Make every candidate in every election no matter how small expose their views on white supremacy.  Don’t let there groups and their ambassador on every level of government take a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic and use it to grow their movement to the destruction of everyone else. Vote. Stop getting played.